| TARTARE OF BLACK ANGUS |  WITH PETROSSIAN CAVIAR    APPETIZER Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 1 ½ Lb – Very Fresh, Lean, Raw Black Angus Beef, coarsely chopped ¼ Cup – Capers, finely chopped ½ Cup… Continue reading

West Coast Sturgeon With Petrossian Caviar Beurre Blanc

A Delicious Entree to Impress Any Guest   West Coast Sturgeon  With Petrossian Caviar Beurre Blanc Serves 6   Ingredients   6 – Peruvian Purple Potatoes, washed but not peeled 3 – Large Carrots, peeled and… Continue reading

King Crab Salad Compose With Petrossian Caviar

Ingredients and Procedure for Crab Salad12 oz Jumbo Lump Crab Meat 3 Apples, peeled, cored and julienned 3 tbsp. Crème Fraiche, more if necessary Fresh Lemon Juice to taste Salt & Pepper to taste Combine above… Continue reading

Choosing Your Caviar

Choosing Your Caviar & Understanding the Flavor Here’s a quick tip-sheet to help you differentiate four flavors of Caviar Which is your favorite?      

Macarons – A Bite of A Cloud

“A French macaron is like a bite of a cloud, as the thin, smooth crust gives way to airy meringue, with a soft, chewy ganache at its heart”   http://www.petrossian.com/new-products-for2012-38-french-macarons-646.html

Creamy Sunchoke Soup

Creamy Sunchoke Soup  With Petrossian Caviar SOUP COURSE Serves 6   Ingredients 3 Tablespoons – Butter, cut into cubes 2 – Cloves of garlic, minced ¼ Cup – Diced Shallots 50g – Petrossian Caviar 4 oz. – Heavy… Continue reading

Smoked Salmon & Caviar Pinwheels – The new healthy recipe!

Looking for a super healthy recipe to kick off the New Year? Smoked Salmon & Caviar Pinwheels      APPETIZER Serves 6   Ingredients   1 side Petrossian Sliced Smoked Salmon 180g  Petrossian Caviar… Continue reading

Fettuccine Alfredo with Poached Chicken and Caviar- The Recipe!

Fettuccine Alfredo  with Poached Chicken and Caviar 

Petrossian Caviar Club Recipe

Petrossian Caviar Club Recipe Makes 6 Sandwiches Sandwich Ingredients 24 Large Blinis at room temperature or Slices of toasted White Bread          Honey Mustard Dressing (See below) 2 Large Tomatoes, each cut thinly into 6… Continue reading

Petrossian Original Recipe: King Crab Salad Composee with Caviar

KING CRAB SALAD COMPOSEE WITH PETROSSIAN CAVIAR APPETIZER OR LUNCH ENTREE   Serves 6 Ingredients and Procedure for Crab Salad 12 oz Jumbo Lump Crab Meat 3 Apples, peeled, cored and julienned 3 tbsp. Crème Fraiche,… Continue reading

Introducing The Petrossian Fleur De Vers

  We, at Petrossian, are proud to present our newest creation….   The Fleur De Vers A Classic Delicacy- Boldly Reinvented ……………… Introducing the first, and only, cocktail in which caviar is a main ingredient.… Continue reading

[don’t] Tell Dad! | Petrossian Father’s Day Gifts

If you had the chance, what would you tell your dad? That you hate his favorite tie? That you crashed the car when you were 18? That he’s your hero? This Father’s Day,… Continue reading

Mother’s Day Memories | Petrossian

Mother’s Day | PETROSSIAN | Sharing is a Guilty Pleasure ​Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Petrossian NYC has the perfect way to celebrate Mom, while treating yourself in the process. Between… Continue reading


VALENTINE’S DAY  WITH PETROSSIAN CAVIAR Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know how difficult it can be to come up with a romantic surprise for your loved one. Don’t worry!… Continue reading


| PETROSSIAN GIFTS | Christmas time means shopping time! But don’t worry; in Petrossian we have amazing gifts ideas for you. Caviar is always a good idea! Any of our multiple presentations will… Continue reading


    | CAVIAR POTATO LATKES | WITH PETROSSIAN CAVIAR      INGREDIENTS: 5 pounds – Russet potatoes, or 8-9 medium size potatoes 5 cups – Diced onion 3-4 – eggs (lightly beaten)… Continue reading

‫Quail Egg Potatoes With Petrossian Caviar And Mustard Vinaigrette – The Recipe!

Quail Egg Potatoes with Petrossian Caviar and  Mustard Vinaigrette Appetizer ‫Serves 6 What You’ll Need 2 Idaho Potatoes, washed, boiled with the skin on, cooled, and peeled 12 Quail Eggs Olive Oil for… Continue reading

Crab Risotto with Petrossian Caviar – The Delicious Main Course Recipe!

Crab Risotto With Petrossian Caviar MAIN COURSE Serves 6   Ingredients   6 Cups – Chicken Stock (may use more or less) 2 Teaspoons – Olive Oil ½ Cup – Shallots, minced 2 – Garlic Cloves, minced 1 ½ Cups – Arborio Rice ½… Continue reading

Petrossian Boutique | Lunch – Dinner

LUNCH/DINNER LIGHTER FARE Seasonal Soup With a Roll or Baguette Bowl $8.00 Cup $5.00 ________  
Petrossian Signature Borscht Served Warm or Cold with Crème Fraiche $10.00 Cup of Borscht $6.00 ________ Seasonal Salad $9.00 ________… Continue reading

Boutique Menu – Brunch

PETROSSIAN CAFÉ – BRUNCH Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Bacon, Jam, Toast Points $16.50 _________ Smoked Salmon Bagel Served with Cream Chesse, Tomatoes & Capers $12.00 _________ French Breakfast Croissant, Pain au Raisin,… Continue reading

Boutique Menu | Breakfast

BREAKFAST Petrossian Breakfast A Slice of Smoked Salmon, Toast Points, Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Eggs $16.50 _______ French Breakfast Croissant, Pain au Raisin, French Baguette, Jam, Butter $13.75 _______ 

Greek Breakfast Cereal with Yogurt,… Continue reading

Lunch Entrées

Entrees Poisson du Jour Please ask your server _________ Lobster Roll
 Garden greens, green apples, walnuts, dried cherries,
Cup of Soupe du Jour $24 _________ Petrossian Maine Crab Cakes Fresh Corn and Avocado, Pickled… Continue reading

Dinner Entrées

  Dinner Entrées   Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass Watercress, Tomato comfit, salsify, leeks and smoked scallops, Lemongrass shellfish froth $36  ________ Seared Diver Scallops Cauliflower Purée, smoked Spanish chorizo, fava beans, mint… Continue reading


Appetizers & Specialties   The Salads _________ Seasonal Green Salad Baby Beets, petit tomatoes, crushed pistachios, dry cranberries, fourme d’Ambert $14 _________ Seasonal Oysters Mignonette, Cocktail Sauce $20 _________ Chilled Langostinos & Petrossian… Continue reading

Anniversary Menu

Petrossian’s Follies Caviar Feast Dinner $100.00 ________ Caviar Cube Martini 30g Caviar Royal Transmontanus USA _________ Blinis and Crème Fraiche Seared Diver Scallops Cauliflower Purée, smoked Spanish chorizo, fava beans, mint and roquette, Rosemary… Continue reading